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It’s always a good time for a health check-up of your current lending arrangements. We keep abreast of dynamic market offerings, bank policy and turnaround times. Whether you’re just checking up on your current interest rate or planning for your financial future; we will make sure you are financed suitably.

About Refinancing

By refinancing your mortgage or current lending arrangements, you can capitalize on favourable market conditions and lower interest rates. Additionally, certain investors can use it to leverage equity or improve their credit rating for more advantageous loan terms. Through refinancing your mortgage with lower interest rates or an improved credit score, you can save a considerable amount of money over the life of your loan. Furthermore, you can tap into built-up equity, switch to a more appealing lender, or even use your equity to invest in another property. Intelligent refinancing is a straightforward way to safeguard more of your wealth.

How we can help

Our many years of experience in this sector can assist you in finding a loan that not only saves you money but also enhances your tax situation and reduces your repayment period. Many of our customers find that their finance requirements have changed or they have new investment aspirations. We keep up to date with the current market conditions and lending solutions as well as bank policy which allows us to recommend the best solution for you.

Discover the benefits of intelligent refinancing, which means financing for the future and start saving by switching to a new, more cost-effective home loan.

The Right Loan for You

We simplify finding the right loan for you, removing the guesswork and the legwork. We have extensive knowledge and experience in household finance and investment, enabling us to collaborate with you and plan your long-term lending needs, helping you achieve your property investment goals.

Our Client Testimonials

The pay off from all the hard work!

Bernie went above and beyond for us on what was probably a more complicated mortgage application than usual. His communication is excellent, he kept us well informed and delivered an great result for us. Highly recommend.

Danny Chequer

Bernie is an investment savvy broker with the patience of a saint! Quick to act when needed with a thorough, well thought out plan and happy to wait and roll with the punches of our personal situation. Never felt any pressure, just quality advice and support.

Holly Barnes

Dealing with Bernie for refinancing my loan took the stress out of the process. He is an excellent communicator, responsive, professional, fast and efficient. I’ve dealt with other brokers before but none so helpful as Bernie, who is a problem-solver and honest ‘sounding-board’ with a positive attitude. I highly recommend him.

Andrea Hamblin

It’s been such a pleasure to have Bernie Johns from Redhill Home Loans assist and guide me through the whole home and investment loan process. His service was very personable and I found that he was always approachable if I had any questions along the way. I’m glad to have made the decision to refinance and Bernie has helped give me the confidence to do so. I would highly recommend him for his efficiency and professionalism.

Michelle Diep

Bernie and his team made refinancing of a loan seamless and easy with timely and prompt communication which kept me informed the whole time. I can recommend Bernie if you are after a Mortgage broker you can trust to find the best deal for you and to help simplify the process.

Mark B

Finding The Right Loan For Your Circumstances

We empower our clients through the highest level of customer service. Red Hill Home Loans has extensive experience adapting lending needs of residential and investment property owners.